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Hi! My gen 3's 2nd gear sometimes jumpig out, when the rpm reached 10-11k (mileage approxx 18k miles). My mechanic disassembly the transmission, and the dogbones are slightly rounded (but not too much), shift forks are within tolerances, and aren't burnt. I'm thinking between replacement gear or undercutting.

Replacement pros:
the safest decision

Replacement cons:
-need replace 2nd gear's pair and 6th gear pair, if I want to be on the safe side (because of the slighly different wear, it is not very lucky to pair a worn gear with a new one, may have a whistling sound) ---> Has anyone tried just replacing damaged gears? Did the gearbox get too noisy?
-may wear out again in the future

Undercutting pros:
- If done right, it can be more durable than the factory solution. (if done right...)

Undercutting cons:
  • Must be made with very tight tolerances (It will be very difficult to find a workshop that can do this in Hungary, my country)
  • The dogbone's hardened part should be sanded off. Is it necessary to harden the metal again?

Please help me for the decision! Certainly if anyone has undercutted, re-hardened 2nd and 6thgears for sale with reasonable price, I would be happy to take them.

Thanks: Istvan from Hungary

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id just replace 2nd........and double check the dogbone, the part that slides in the shifter drum can get notched even though the fork part looks good.
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