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just a feeler, im going out on a limb with this post and itll likely be a waste of effort but here we go.
in an attempt to pick up turbo10's bike in this thread:http://www.zx-10r.net/forum/showthread.php?t=76977
id have to sell my bike BUT KEEP IN MIND I WANT TO SWAP OVER MY BLACK FAIRINGS, SWINGARM, CASE COVERS, CARBON COVERS & FENDER, LEVERS, KICK STAND, REAR-SETS, BAR-END MIRROR for his plastics, covers, swingarm, kick stand and yada yada yada...get the picture?

Moving on, what im looking to sell if at all possible would end up looking like his bikes i.e. the fairings and swingarm but with my turbo kit (upgraded velocity kit with tial accessories), frame and its 2005 motor with only 6,000 miles on it plus a WEGO III a/f tuner, racepak clutch kit, and the goodies you see in my sig and then some all for a solid $8,000.

in short for $8,000 youd be getting a 234hp 2005 motor and turbo on a 2004 (that has 15,500 babied miles on it) frame with royal purple fairings and an extended swingarm.

see my "hesaves0211 images" to the left for more pictures of my bike
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