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Posting this FYI in case anyone else runs into the same issue. I'm in the midst of what will hopefully be a fix ...

I've been running without the secondary butterflies for a long time (before my engine build). Bike has high mileage, 76,000 km, rebuild was just before 71,000 km.

It has been inconsistent when launching (part of the reason I haven't had it to the drag strip). Sometimes it pulled hard, sometimes it just didn't seem right for what was inside the engine.

I decided last week to put the secondary throttles back in to see what would happen. First start-up, fine (but only ran it in the garage to confirm that it ran). Second ... fault warning lamp. But getting access to the diagnostic wire requires the key, which requires stopping the engine ... and no fault warning on restart. OK fine, went for a ride, it felt strong (as it should), only issue was a rough idle. This confirmed that with the cams that I have in the engine, it pulls better off the bottom with the secondaries in place. But the rough idle and fault warning lamp? Hmmm ...

Next day ... same thing, except now, about 20 or 30 km down the road, I felt a hesitation off the start. This got worse and worse, eventually the bike had about the power of a Ninja 250 and the fault warning came on while riding. Made it home ...

Now, with the fault repeatable, I got code 62. With the airbox open, the secondaries did not move when turning the key on ... until poked with a finger, THEN they moved. But the left two moved differently than the right two ...

I have the throttle bodies on the bench now. The left two and the right two are on separate shafts (connected by a spring-loaded adjuster) and they were both seizing. You can operate the throttles independently of the servo motor by removing a link (circlip and spacer on each end - it's easy).

Generous application of solvents, WD40, and penetrating oil while working the shaft back and forth with a wrench has freed it up. I am letting the penetrating oil soak for a few hours before I put it back together.

The main throttle shaft is fine.

Why would this have an effect when the butterflies are removed ... because when the shafts seize badly enough to slow down the motion of the actuator and secondary throttle position sensor, it will think the secondaries are not open, and cut back the fuel (and drastically lean it out).

I have a feeling that when I get this back together - with the secondaries re-installed! - I had better hold on ...
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