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Im not too big on that electric bike but damn did you see that BMW on that page... I never thought I would say a BMW bike looks good but that s1000rr looks nice.

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scroll down the page....Like the idea of the hub center steer...


Tier Motorsports, LLC
Benefits of the front swing arm
Here is a list of advantages that front swing arm suspensions have over classical forks:
a. 50% anti-dive vs. 90% pro-dive with forks. The classic front fork suspension makes
the front of the motorcycle dive under braking which in extreme cases can cause the
motorcycle to flip forward. Having a front swing arm allows to design the front
suspension with any type of positive dive (like with forks) or negative dive as well as
progressive dive. With negative dive the bike will actually raise during braking. Of course
most riders like to have some dive to have a feel for how hard they are braking so the
ideal bike will have just enough dive to be felt by the rider.
b. Greater comfort. Because the front suspension undergoes less dive during braking it
does not tend to compress the suspension as much. This allows for softer springs to be
c. Lighter frame and a lower center of gravity improving handling. There is no
longer a need for a sturdy frame around the upper steering column to counter force
from the telescopic fork. On some models the engine can be used as the structural main
frame of the motorcycle (true with redesigned frames; doesn’t apply to kits mounting to
existing frames).
d. Suspension rate and dampening can easily be adjusted on the fly as on rear
e. Constant stability. Minimal change in wheel base throughout suspension travel.
f. More precise handling. Minimal change in trail throughout suspension travel.
g. Increase in braking performance. During braking the reduced dive result in less
weight transferred to the front which allows for the rear wheel to absorb more braking
h. More pronounced separation between suspension and steering/control.
Allowing adjustment of both to achieve optimum performance. The percentage of antidive
can be varied with minimal effect to the steering (On telescopic forks, the dive
under braking causes the wheelbase to get shorter, the rake to steepen and the trail to

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100ft lbs @ 0 rpm? So it's not running and it makes power? LOL

Those side plastics look like they stole them off the bottom trim of a trailer.

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Looks pretty cool. Not sure how safe it would be humming around town. Wonder if they put something to emit sound on it....

100ft lbs @ 0 rpm? So it's not running and it makes power? LOL

Those side plastics look like they stole them off the bottom trim of a trailer.
electric motors make the most tq when stopped..... right?
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