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Need to raise some funds and wife has too many fancy cow skins laying around and we need to thin out the herd.... links below to ebay. Some jewelry and some UGGS in there too. PM me if you are interested in any of the items. I'd rather sell here than have to pay ebay! I have good seller reviews here on the site! Thanks for looking!


Burberry Payton leather clutch/crossbody | eBay

Coach orange leather sullivan messenger purse | eBay

Kate Spade Allen Street Raquelle black leather purse | eBay

marc jacobs | eBay

Hermes Womens Pink Leather Bi-Fold | eBay


Lana Marquise Pink Opal Pendant Necklace & Earings | eBay

Michele Turbina Butterfly Watch | eBay


Uggs Samantha Chestnut boots | eBay
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