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Fack its hot!

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108 at 5:30pm.

This is dogshit.I cannot ride with gear at this temp.It's brutal, like putting your balls in a microwave brutal.

Anyone else having this problem?
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I met a guy who wears a Navy flight deck vest w/ pockets for ice packs. He said it worked great, and could fit underneath a leather jacket.
108? dude its over 120 in the shade here. in the shade. 108 at midnight feels GOOD !
I lived in Yuma, AZ for 6 years when I was younger. That freaking sucked! I hated that heat. It doesn't matter that "it's a dry heat", it's too freaking hot. And when you have the windows open the wind just feels like a hair dryer. I've also been on the other end of the spectrum in Rhinelander, WI with -28 F lows and -7 highs, and that sucked equally as much. I'd rather be warm than cold, but I really don't know what I would do if it was 100+ outside... I guess that's why I don't live where it gets too hot or too cold!
Living in Canada, never have had to deal with that problem.
Living in Canada, never have had to deal with that problem.
You also don't get to ride year round :heyyou:
rode full gear in 103 today. A little of sweat. I don't know how anyone rides in Arizona/Texas, with the humidity as bad as it gets.
112 degree last weekend..very dry, I grab the kids and escape to the mountians.....Trackday Aug. 9th. @ Buttonwillow, I hope the weather improves..Last time I was out there, I drank so much water I make a camel look stupid...
Total opposite! I can't stand being cold! I rather have 100+

wow i just got off the 10 and its 68 here now it got up to 81 here today lol the hottest its been all summer is like 86....have fun in the heat i dont know how you guys can do iti would rather be in -20 than 100+
Total opposite! I can't stand being cold! I rather have 100+

:+1: :imwnin:

you can have your 20below weather. I'll stick with the 100deg. Stuff. Moved from iowa to florida just to avoid that 20 below crap. Brutal on the body. Hell you don't even want to go out to get in the car let alone the bike.:headshake
:+1: This must be true! B/c when I was riding in the cold a couple years ago. Like low 40's high 30's.......I noticed the faster I went the warmer I felt. Like I was colder when I was cruisin at 80-90mph but when I pushed it up to 120-125mph I got warmer. It was weird! :dontknow:

i haven't read any of the responses yet, but I'll say this:

I lived in phoenix for a year. Anything over 105 degrees switches from a relieving cooling effect, to a cooking effect the hotter it gets with regards to riding the motorcycle. I.E. the faster you go when it's over 105 degrees, the hotter I got.

Sux. Good thing I live a mile from the beach in San Diego now =)
..Last time I was out there, I drank so much water I make a camel look stupid...
It's a 100 degrees in the shade here in southwest georgia with 100% humidity. So call me a squid if you like but unless I'm doing some serious riding or expecting rain this is my summer gear.


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ga6RR is a SQUID:crackup:
These are pretty cheap too, I've seem them around from Fieldsheer

They're only like $50, you soak them, then wear it under your vented jacket. The vest is supposed to hold some cool water in it for two to three hours. I've never had one just because our hot - hot summer days are limited in the Pacific NW.
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ga6RR is a SQUID:crackup:
Yeah I am but I'm a cool squid. :mrgreen:
110+ here in Vegas and it doesn't really get below 90 at night. And during the day I do ride in just a shirt and most times in shorts too! Yeah I know it's unsafe but it's what I'm comfortable in so screw it.... :lol:
its 140 here well it was yesterday hahaha

Ill wear my jacket but i aint wearing a bunch of shit when its 90 or higher im with u all fuck that sure i could get road rash but i would rather have that then die of dehydration
140 where?

I call bullshit.
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