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Fack its hot!

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108 at 5:30pm.

This is dogshit.I cannot ride with gear at this temp.It's brutal, like putting your balls in a microwave brutal.

Anyone else having this problem?
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try doing a trackday with FULL gear in that!
Did that a while ago at Jennings GP, 104 air temp, 118 on the track. Never agian, it took all the fun out of the track.
speaking of vests and very hot weather...I know we've spoken about squidly behavior but how do you guys feel about a vest for those hot days instead of the Jacket??? obviously gloves and helmet but i'm curious to see how people feel about the vest similar to the icon field vest i see a lot of squids riding with. sorry for the thread jack but i thought it was relevant.
You can call me a Squid all you want, but when the Temperature hits mid 90s and I have no choice but riding the ZX-10, im going in a T-shirt with no jacket. I think the risk of overheating and getting sever dehydration or a sun cramp at best, and at worst a sun stroke, out ways the risk of going down.
Obviously the smart thing to do is were your gear, but when you've got no choice, Heat can be MUCH more dangerous then the crash.
At those temperatures a good flowing jacket will cool you more than having your bare skin exposed to the sun. Also wear an iceberg cooling vest that will cool you for hours. Best $20 I spent on gear. Also stop being pussies and imagine being in Irag with 50+ pounds of gear on.
What is this Iceberg cooling vest of which you speak?
Oh, and look at how many Heat Cats the military get daily in Iraq.
1 - 4 of 62 Posts
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