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Parting out my engine- crank went out and took the cases with it.
Bike had just over 10,000 miles and ran great. Here is whats left, all prices are shipped within the 48.

Complete Head- $150
With both cams, all internals, tappet cover, plug wires.
One intake boot is a little mangled- would work fine but you might want to swap out with one of yours.

Transmission- $sold
complete trans with shift forks, drum, lever shaft, end bearings, fork rods.
all in good working shape, straight forks, dogs not rounded, bike shifted good. (does not come with sprocket or sprocket nut)

Timing parts- $25
Guides, chain, trigger, tensioner, rotor wheel, chain gear.
Trigger wheel had one tooth crack welded up, worked for 3,000 miles with no issues.

Clutch cover- $30
Some small scratches, upper locating pin hole has a crack running away from the cover (doesnt affect sealing, plus its at the top)

Clutch- $60
Complete with all clutch internals- A few of the stand off bolts have some grind marks, only surface blemish's. Or just use a few of yours

Oil filter cooler- $25
engine block mount and heat exchanger

Left side and starter engine cover- $sold
some small scratch's/ scuffs, one small ding on the inner cover point

Starter gear/ clutch- $40
one way clutch, starter gear, and associated locating pin, needle bearing, bolt.

Starter motor- $50
great shape, no damage on teeth

Oil pump/ water pump- $30
worked fine, normal wear

Stator generator set - $75
with flywheel, stator, cover, mount, drive gear

Oil pan- $sold
Both pieces, good shape, no cracks

Pictures here ->
http://s229.photobucket.com/albums/ee36/motorkid04/ZX Engine Parts/

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Well, tell ya what. If you paypal me $8 I'll toss it in an box and mail it out.

I just hate doing a lot of little stuff like this because it gets to be such a hassle running to UPS all of the time for $2-3 after shipping and fees ya know.
But, the ZX forum has been good to me so no worries man- If you want it it's yours.
PM for paypal address if interested

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Payment sent...check your paypal...please send tracking number thanks again!!
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