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Extension and traction control question

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I got a 2011 ZX10R last week and I was wondering when I extend it Sunday will I have to cut my traction control line from the back tire and rewire it with new wire to be extended or is there a way I can avoid cutting the wire is there a way to move it or something closer to the back that way I don't have to cut it?
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You're going to have to extend the wire somehow. Cutting and splicing is never a good option, but it is what it is. If it were my bike, I'd source a new pair of the connectors that go on the cable and build a new patch cable. Plug the sensor into the new patch cable, then the patch cable into the bike harness. As a second option, I'd de-pin the connector, add a couple of extension wires to it (a single splice point as opposed to 2), re-pin the other end and put it in the new connector.
Thanks I'll look in to doing that I don't want to cut it but I extending it Sunday so I don't have much option and time
I have seen a few guys with stretches that have custom fabricated up a bracket to mount the rear sensor to the front wheel near the front sensor and TC ring.
That's an interesting solution. :ayyy:

Or just not stretching the bike :p
That's a good suggestion. :ayyy:
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That's an interesting solution. :ayyy:

That's a good suggestion. :ayyy:
Pppfff.... ain't getting those 1.4 60's at 56 inches. ;)

Seriously though, making a patch cable is the best idea... Digi-Key and Mouser are your friends there.... buy enough parts to make a dozen and you can make your money back selling them on forums/ebay.... it also makes it uber easy to get it back to stock should you choose to do so.

Hell, send me the sensor/pigtail and I'll make one for ya at cost. :) I love that stuff. :smile2:
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