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Experienced Track Racers: How Not To Lowside?

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Hi guys,

Yesterday, I went for my first track day. The track was a lil too bumpy at one of the corners... Anyways, at the very end of the track day, I lowsided at that corner. Thank god I had my frame sliders on and my A-Stars full suit on, or else I would be lying in bed for a week!

Now my question is how to avoid a lowside?? Especially, when you feel that you are about to lose control of the bike...

Are there any usefull parts that should be considered for the bike to help avoiding a lowside??? Plz advise.

Thanks in advance.
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You did say track day?

I am a old man on this board. The way I deal with a section of track like that is back off. Just a track day not a race day. Usualy by the end of the day some one will have showen me the way through and I will be going way faster than early in the day fighting the corner and bumps.

Race tires and Ohilns also help:mrgreen:
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