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Excited for before and after Dyno runs on my 2016 !

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Heading in tomorrow to do a before dyno run... Next week I have an old race mechanic friend from my racing days going to install a cat eliminating 3QTR Yoshimura Alpha Titanium with carbon Fiber canister, an ECU Flash and smog block plates. Look forward to seeing the after numbers. I see all kinds of different numbers people post from 161-175 Stock RWHP and upwards of 198 after Mods so Im excited to see what I get here. What kind of numbers have you all got out there on your 2016s ? I haver to say Ive ridden many bikes through the years . including some factory 750 superbikes in the later 90s and this thing is rediculous fast in comparison !!! Shes a beast and cant wait to get her breathing better to feel that restricted HP unleashed ! :) Look fwd to reading your feedback, Cheers, Wasse
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Im a little disappointed, the mechanic told me his dyno at Cycle Barn read a little low and it seems to have. only pulled 164.66 and they had no blown air for any ram Air help . Looks like I should definitely go see Nels. My buddy Dave Lanigan at Speeddealer Motors is going to install a flash, a Cat eliminating Yosh Alpha 3qtr pipe with smog block plates... still hoping to hit in the 190's for sure! He mentioned something that since this Dyno reading is SAE that you add like 10% or something?


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gotcha !

Ya, i appreciate that and I did see that now that you explained it, was a little hard to read as it didnt blow up that much on my computer.....I can see how people want to push it with the numbers. Im not too proud and thats why I ask. I will take my bike to a local more reputable dyno tuning facility for sure so I can get these kinds of reads. Ive been out of the game for abit as I retired from racing in 96, so I am reconnecting again with all the right folks. I had to stay away because I know how hard iot is to "just watch" and not race but the bug is back and Im jumping in for some fun. I will keep ya posted next week after we add my goodies ordered. Thankx again for keepin it real Archer !
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