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Excited for before and after Dyno runs on my 2016 !

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Heading in tomorrow to do a before dyno run... Next week I have an old race mechanic friend from my racing days going to install a cat eliminating 3QTR Yoshimura Alpha Titanium with carbon Fiber canister, an ECU Flash and smog block plates. Look forward to seeing the after numbers. I see all kinds of different numbers people post from 161-175 Stock RWHP and upwards of 198 after Mods so Im excited to see what I get here. What kind of numbers have you all got out there on your 2016s ? I haver to say Ive ridden many bikes through the years . including some factory 750 superbikes in the later 90s and this thing is rediculous fast in comparison !!! Shes a beast and cant wait to get her breathing better to feel that restricted HP unleashed ! :) Look fwd to reading your feedback, Cheers, Wasse
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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