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excessive oil consumption

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My 2007 Z10 is burning 1Ltr of oil ever 1000klm, my dealer tells me this is not excessive and doesn't warrant an engine strip down.

You cant see any blue smoke and there is no seemingly loss of power but the consumption seems a bit heavy to me:dontknow:

Whats your thoughts
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Let me get this straight... 1 liter of oil every 100 kilometers??! Are you kidding?! For a 2007 10R? That's equivalent to approx 1 quart every 63 miles (sorry, living in the United States)!!

That is some major oil consumption. And you don't see blue smoke out yer pipe?! Perhaps your measurements as posted are a little off, or your dealer is smokin' the funny stuff, because that is just not acceptable at all! I have a 2005 with 18K miles on mine, and I've been running full synthetic since about 2500 miles. Even on newer bikes, synthetic tends to find its way past piston rings, etc. and tends to lead to measureable consumption. But my bike's great, with very little oil consumption, if even at all!

Something ain't quite right here...
Let me get this straight... 1 liter of oil every 100 kilometers??!

Something ain't quite right here...
Sorry mate that was 1000klm not 100 typo
Still seems a bit excessive. What was the break in procedure? And what type of oil are you using? How many miles on the odometer?
What was the break in procedure? And what type of oil are you using? How many miles on the odometer?
I didn't break the bike in so I don't know that one, fully synthetic oil and 20,000 Klm on the clock.
It's possible that break-in procedures weren't exactly adhered to, as my bike has several thousand more miles on it than yours and doesn't really consume/burn oil... and I pretty much followed the break-in procedures outlined by the manual.

The easiest thing to do that would have a measureable effect would be to switch to a semi-synthetic or even full petroleum (regular) oil... and perhaps make it a heavier weight too.

As I mentioned earlier, and have read numerous times, even with the best engines, some brands of full synthetic are almost too good, and can get into the combustion chambers past the piston rings. Heavier weights, coupled with non full synthetic may help.

At the mileage figures you give now, it's not as outlandish as what was first mentioned.

Good luck!
Yeah, it’s my understanding from what I have read in the car world that 1 quart per oil change is “acceptable” though it’s obviously not ideal. I would switch to a conventional oil and see if that helps at all. Also, check your oil filter and motor for leaks.

Good luck.
I have an '06 with 18K miles on the clock and it never consumes any oil, sounds like you have a leak or something worse.
How hard do you run the bike. Are you hitting the rev limiter a lot.
If you have an oil leak it would show right? I think 1LT is too much. Try draining the oil, put new oil and change the oil filter too. Fill in again to specs. If this happens again maybe the piston rings are out... Is your engine "smelling" oil from the headers after a ride?
Had two Kawi so far. Always ride them like on the red line and never had any oil consumption at all. The guys at your dealership are just retarded. 1 liter every 1000 km is way too much with that kind of mileage .Try semi-synthetic for your next oil change, try to find any leaks. If the problem is still there just go yell at them.
I discovered that when I extended my rev limiters (+500 RPM) on both my 14R/10R and whenever I headed down to Mexico for some racing, that when I bounced off of the rev limiter when racing, afterwards I had to top the oil off. Maybe 1/8th quart or tad bit more depending on how many days I raced before I remembered to check my oil levels.

Now when I returned my rev limiters back to their stock values 11,000 RPM/13,650 RPM, 14R and 10R respectively, and raced in the same manner, my oil levels didn't drop. When I discovered this I ended up permanently returning my rev limiters back to their stock values. I never experience oil consumption when riding normally or even spirited, only when I was racing and bouncing off of the extended rev limiter.
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