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Evosaki's 06 ZX10R

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What's up fellow Ninjas? I just bought my b replacement '06 ZX10R. $5000 9k miles on it. In great shape. Though I'm going to have to do the fork seals & change the front brake pads that have soaked in fork oil. Adjust the clutch cable, possibly replace it? It's pretty stock for the moment. But, I'll be putting my Bazzaz fuel mapper & o2 sensor for my Auto Tuner after I tend to forms & brakes. Looking to get some of the 2 brother's exhaust rather than using the Yoshi's off my other one. My other one threw a rod (I believe) a couple weeks ago. She had about 50000 hard miles on her. She did get me from nor California out to Texas for moto GP & back. About a 4000+ mile trip that we road like we were doing a cannon ball run. It was a blast. Anyone knows of a set of the duel 2 brothers carbon tops for sale, hit me up please. Word to your mutha!
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