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Hi all,

I've recently acquired a cheap '08 engine as a spare for my '07, and it needs a rebuild due to at least one spun big-end bearing. I wanted the '08 for the lighter crank, but I also understand that the head has superior porting, the gearbox ratios are better, and the oil pump runs at a better ratio.

I'm looking for ideas for my rebuild. The bike is used for racetrack-only riding (track days), and my budget will not be large - already spent far too much onthe chassis ! Sold a set of kit cams recently to pay some bills, but still have the kit head gaskets which I plan to use. Naturally-aspirated only, of course ! Will be running '07 wiring and throttle bodies, so single-injector only.

Anyone got any ideas for me ? Will possibly look at big-bore, but that will come down to cost.

Thanks in advance,
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