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Engine install tips

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I am replacing the engine in my 2012 zx10r, I have the old one out and the replacement will be delivered on Monday. Couple questions, any tips when doing the install? I am mostly concerned with the wiring and getting everything ran correctly. Also, any mods or upgrades I should consider while in the engine is out of the bike? I will just be using the bike for the street so don't need any crazy performance gains but if there's easy and cost effective upgrades I can make then I am up for it.
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Cool. Glad to hear you found a replacement! So the one thing I would recommend during the swap is to take your time and tag EVERYTHING with tape. Mark each wire you take off. If you don't know what it goes to, just Mark each side with a matching number. Once you get into the job it will go pretty smooth and quick. Keep the cell phone and take pics of all if it. Pictures are cheap so use them. You'll be fine bro!

Again glad you got a plan and keep us updated.
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