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I know this information is available if I do a lot of searching, but hoping to gather a summary here to save time, and perhaps gather the information in one place for anyone else interested to know.

I'm interested in knowing the HP/torque differences from the different years, as well as technical/design differences. I will use the information to weigh the pros and cons of upgrading my race car from Gen 1 to a later engine design.

From what I've gathered thus far:

04-05 made good raw power. Pretty reliable except for early '04 generator problems.

06-07 had about the same max HP, but had some improvements to get a smoother mid range torque curve. Improved fuel atomization. A heavier crank helped bike handling. The high speed generator was moved to the end of the crank. Improved shift linkage (not sure if this is referring to internal or external linkage).

08-09 - A little more top end HP (not sure how much). Kawasaki Ignition Management System (KIMS). Slight compression ratio increase (.2-.3?). Introduction of secondary injectors, which should help power across the whole RPM range. Lighter crank.

I think I will rule out the 2008 engine for my purposes. The KIMS kinda scares me (too complex for making it work in a car chassis), and the price/availability would probably put it out of my reach any way.
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