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engine block help

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I have a cracked block by the pan and was going to order a used block but was reading there are three different blocks for the 04-05. Is this the " one hole " block?


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anyone know anything? just dont want to order a block thats wrong or is that even true about them making three different blocks?
How'd you do that?! Yes there are 3
Found these on my computer I had saved from here.


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how did i do what? I thought that hole that is there is considered the one whole block? Am i wrong
and does it matter what clutch goes in it for different cases or were they all the same
You have the no-hole cases, and you have to use the same again.
The clutch gear has different markings based on the alternator gear.

The manual is your friend, you can download it from here.
Check 9-8 CRANKSHAFT/TRANSMISSION section to determine your engine pattern.
how did i do what?
Crack the case
bought the bike like that but the guy never mentioned it had a cracked block. got it missing entire clutch plus cover oil pan exhaust and needed new fuel pump and tank. did get it running the other day thankfully!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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