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We have been testing ELF oils for sometime now in one of our GT cars , the results have been amazing , though not yet completely defined , but results so far have been extremely promising.

Without getting to technical and writing huge paragraphs the results we are seeing at the moment are :

Engine oils

Better shear properties.
Less material contamination from engine wear.
An average of 9 degrees F. cooler running
Increased acceleration.
Power increased due to cooler core temperatures.

Transmission oils

Increase in longevity of dog rings and zero wear on CWP.
Better shifting
Cooler gearbox temps (20F)
Better coastdown times.

Brake and clutch fluid.

No fluid breakdown with rotor temps at 1200 F under braking.
Zero mechanical fade.

These are preliminary results as I dont consider tests to be positive until 2009 season , but so far things are going well and the ELF engine we are testing still shows 0-2% leakdown and no increase in crankcase pressure , the Mobil One engines are starting to leak past the rings and valve guides.

There is a some correlation between ELF motor oils and the Bike oils , particularly in shear capabilities , the Porsche engines we use have significantly more shear than most engines as we use a lot of gear driven components and an abundance of chains / sprockets to drive engine components, so far so good.

I will be switching to ELF/Total next oil change.
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