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So I got the bike back from Karns performance in Hampden. Got an ECUnleashed tune and a Yoshi R77-d 3/4 exhaust installed.

Bike is a completely different monster now and easily the smoothest riding two-wheel I've ever driven.

I'm still waiting for the tuner to get back to me on what exactly he did, but they had the bike longer than normal thanks to the pseudo-tornado storms that rolled through here last week that took down their systems, and I was becoming impatient thanks to the weather. The tuner is there on thursdays.

Stock 2012 ZX10r
Engine ICE
ECUnleashed Tune
Yoshimura R77-d 3/4 exhaust

Will post a video of the sound after I have a chance to ride it again. Temps have been quite brisk thanks to that Canadian breeze, but this week looks promising!
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