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ECU reflash

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Anyone dealt with North Texas Superbikes? Looking at having them reflash my ECU. Website looks good but trying to see if anyone had personally dealt with them.
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I had them rework my steering damper. They were great to work with. Their entire shop was full of full on race bikes. They must be doing something right. But with that being said I ride with quite a few people in dfw and I don't know of anyone that has gotten a tune from you. If you use them keep us posted on how they do
Okay thanks for the info, I'm from out of town and there aren't any shops around me doing tunes on bikes. Any shops you'd recommend? Waiting to hear back from Cyclewerkz.
Not for a send in flash, I've been looking for the same a weighing my options. I have been thinkng of picking up a kit and doing my own. Maybe someone will chime in.
saweet Humble isn't out of riding distance from me!
I guess before I went down there I will go back up to superbikes and see what they say
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