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Ecu reflash/ reprogram?

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Just sent my ecu out to get it flashed. I called the shop where I sent it to confirm they will call me when they receive my ecu. They explained, I would need to do a short reprogram after plugging the ecu back in when I get it back from them. Does this sound correct to have to do a "reprogram" of some sort after getting the ecu back from a flash and plugging it back in? I work in an auto shop and it makes sense, but everything I've read about flashing my bike I haven't come across a reprogram or relearn for the zx10r. Thanks for all and any info. If anyone that has the gen 5 zx10r with a flash please chime in and tell about your experience after the flash! Thanks.
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Yeah it is just a matter of turning the key on and off for a few second before you start it. I cannot remember exactly. Nels at two wheel dyno works flashed mine and I had to do something like that.
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