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Hey there all the ZX10r Experts out there ,
My Gen 3 2010 zx10r ECU fuse keeps blowing out which is a 10Amp

3 days back I was driving home , enjoying all the good driving on my recently purchased zx10r and suddenly it shut off abruptly in middle of nowhere. I thought its the battery.

I got a new battery since the old was anyways dying.

And since then my ECU fuse keeps blowing up , 10 fuses wasted , looked for the wiring everywhere which looks fine.

All the things , tail lights , indicators , horn , ignition , display work good.

But I somehow i cannot get it to start up.

Looked out few older posts it said my rectifier my be the issue , I disconnected the rectifier gray and black cables below the fuel tank , and put a new fuse still blowing !!!

I wonder if it is the stator that has went bad !!! ???!?!?!

Please help out !!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts