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My bike came with a pull oriented quick shifter, set up for GP shift pattern.
As I have to learn the bike, get used to the power, traction control and come to terms with my own nerves and fear of taking off when hitting the gas, I actually don’t want to use the GP gear shift pattern, so have disconnected the quick shifter and moved the gear shift mechanism back to the 6 o’clock position so it’s back to 1 down & 5 up for the gears.

My question is, if I leave the road pattern set up and swap the Pull quick shifter rod around, lengthen the 2 wire lead to the fuel cut off, and basically make it pull but with the sensor back towards the foot peg, will it work?
Logic in my head says yes, but Dnojet supply a push sensor, which puts the lump of electronic gubbins up by the gear change shaft.

Any input greatly received.
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