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Dunlop Q3 190/55/R17

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Has this happened to anyone else? Wondering if I should use the replacement, should they decide to replace, or sell it and switch to a different brand. 1700 and change on this tire with .142 side tread to wear bar and .129 center tread to wear bar. Sorry don't have a /32nds gauge. Just a digital caliper. I just feel fortunate right now that I caught it before it broke through and went flat mid corner in a fast sweeper.
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My opinion is they are good tyres and with mass production every now and then 1 bad one may get through. Shouldn't happen but that's reality, it could happen to any brand. I'm on Pirelli at the moment but I'd still be happy to use Dunlop again after that but there is a mental element to tyres as well; if you don't trust it you won't be happy. Go with something else if it makes you feel better but I think it would be psychological.
Very good points. Thanks for the reassurance. I really do like how these tires feel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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