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Dragracers respond only please. Is the judder spring needed?

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Been dragracing for going on six years now and have been thinking about clutch set up. The Judder spring is only used for the slipper clutch set up so by locking up the slipper clutch with the eliminator washer thing is there a need for the judder spring?
Has anyone removed it and raced with it?
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Judder spring is used as a shock absorber for the clutch plates, slipper clutch has nothing to do with it, they have 2 different jobs.
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Ive tried both with and without and my bike leaves smoother with the judder in.

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what they said.

Also I use 1 less fiber plate and use 3 hard and 3 soft springs..........set the stack height to spec.

It makes fore a nice clutch to modulate.IMO
Since the topic is "clutch" , what is the purpose of the piece we have called a "spring steel" ? The one that looks like two metal plates, riveted together.

I know a company named "FCC Japan" makes all of these clutches. Yam, Kaw, Honda, HD, MV Agusta, etc.....

But, Kawasaki appears to be the only one who uses the "spring steel" and I wondered why? Is it in any way related to the "judder spring"?

Piece "13089" on this 2004 zx10 diagram

2004 Kawasaki NINJA ZX-10R (ZX1000-C1) Clutch | Babbitts Kawasaki Partshouse
It cushions and smooths the clutch engagement.
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