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Drag rearsets/pegs for Gen3

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I have a thompson swingarm that'll be here tomorrow, i'm curious what people are using for pegs? Still using the OE rear sets? Anybody using drag pegs/rear sets? I had more than 1 occasion last year with not being able to get my feet up as i'm motoring down the track. I'd like to get some pegs that come off the swingarm so my feet will be low and back. Ideally, i'd like to be able to put my heel on the peg with toes touching the ground. Then all i have to do is slide my foot up to clear my toes.
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adams makes alum billet kit that bolts around rectangular swingarm and has adj holes for height. will do exactley what ur asking. about the only one. friend has a set on his 10 and loves them. able to stage with toes on ground/feet on pegs and bike is not slammed that low at all. $150.
i'll give them a look over. Thanks for the info.
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