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Someone can move this into the How-To section if they want. I didnt see a "new thread" button in that forum. :dontknow:

I've had a shorty clutch lever for a while now and it survived a relatively hard dismount with just some scuffing on the nub just because the clipon broke off completely. My Brembo 19x18 lever is too long for my liking and i have worried about damaging it in a right-side drop.

I'd seen Buckland do a shorty job but i went a slightly different way with mine that i think ends up looking a bit better. All in all this mod cost me about $5.

1 - I cut the lever with a hack saw. I didnt even have to remove the lever or m/c from the bike. The lever isn't the hardest material so cutting through it is fairly easy. The first cut was right at the edge of the nub then the second cut was at the break-away notches in the lever. I cut about 1 1/2" off in total.

2 - Next i beveled the edges of each cut with a file. Make sure they'll fit properly together and the bevels should leave a V-groove on the front edge of the lever.

3 - Using a thin strip of electrical tape i held the nub in place against the lever. Run the tape down the top of the lever, around the nub then back up the bottom of the lever so the front and back are still exposed.

4 - J-B weld. Mix just a small amount and fill the v-groove joint in the front of the lever. Also fill in the concave side of the lever with JB. Once the JB has set, sand it down so there's no sharp corners or rough edges.

5 - Slide some big shrink tubing over the lever so the nub is mostly covered. The piece i used was about 3" long in total. Slide it over the lever then use whatever you need to (lighter, heat gun, whatev) to get it shrunk on there good.

6 - Rock n roll.

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