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Difference in throttle bodies 08-09 and 10?

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I'm looking for an extra set of throttle bodies to have bored out while my head is at Carpenter getting worked. I found a place that does the boring online called Maxbore for a decent price but in his pictures, it shows that he can only bore the 08 throttles to 46mm while the 2010 can be bored to 47.5mm. I emailed him and he said it was a difference in the casting that allowed him to bore them out more but I was under the assumption all Gen 3 were the same?

Was hoping someone could tell me if there is a difference in mounting as I'd like to have the largest bore possible but don't want to end up with problems buying a 2010 set when my bike is a 2009.

Thanks in advance.
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I dont know mate the part numbers for 08-10 are the same my guess is the guy is mixed up as the gen4 is 11-15 are the larger ones which are a different casting for sure.
Michael4012 is correct. The '10 model was referred to as the Gen 3.5 model since there were only 4 differences. Muffler, nose fairing redesign, and associated side fairings. The motor is identical between the '08-'10 models. Which means the throttlebodies are the same also. So whoever told you that was mistaken and thinking that was in reference to the Gen 4 which came out in 2011.

Gen 3: 2008-2010
Gen 4: 2011-2015
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