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It... depends? I',ve said it before and I say it again, there are no bad literbikes anymore. The biggest issue IMO is what you are willing to spend, and what you expect. And what generation we are talking about. I assume the latest of everything.

The Beemer 2020+ is the strongest 'out of the box' bike, for a beemer price. I know very little about dragstrip guys. Only what I've seen on youtube, and there it seems to be ZX10R vs GSX-R.

ZX10R is a solid bike, with an engine that needs its revs. I heard tuning + derestrict will alter that greatly, but the Beemer and GSX-R will likely out-perform the ZX10-R in the midrange, thanks to their vvt.

So...why the ZX10-R at all?

It has some sneaky upsides. For example, it has a butter-smooth engine. Which is what you want if you twist your wrist at max lean. Stuff like that.

Its a solid bike for a fair price. It is led down in certain areas by either restrictions, or sub-par components with its suspension. If you are willing to spend a bit on your ZX10R, you'll end up with a better-tuned, better-turning bike than even the Beemer. Probably with a lower overall pricetag.

But again, it depends.
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