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I just received my slip-on today, went to install it and its the wrong size!
The inlet of the muffler is 2" and so are both ends of the mid-pipe/collector. Obviously it won't fit on to the bike, as the bike is 60mm.
I was just wondering for those out there who currently are running this exhaust, what size is the inlet of your muffler and the size of your mid-pipe, both ends?
Also did you receive a mounting clamp for where it mounts to the stock exhaust pipe, as I never got one like they show in the picture.
If they use a generic 2" muffler and stretch the one end of the collector, is it split to accommodate the 60mm size of the stock exhaust.
I just want to get the muffler mounted on my bike so I can ride it as it never came with one when I bought it as a downed bike.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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