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Dad rode the 10 yesterday....

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(FYI - I am 22 and working at Defensive Driving School so I am in no means an 18 year old little kid who got daddy and mommy to buy him a motorcycle so he can go kill himself)

I had been dreading that day for a long, long time. He is motorcycle savvy and has ridden many bikes in his day, but I KNEW that the 10 would be more than he was expecting.

I bought this bike a month ago with 3400 miles on it. Now it is over 5200. I love it! :smile: Since purchasing, my dad and I have been out on several rides and he takes his Yahama Raider S (1900cc) out with him. Very torquey (sp?) and overall a pretty cool cruiser.

Back to yesterday - he pulls of the road and I knew what he was going to say. "Let's switch bikes, son."

"I knew you were going to say that."

So I regrettably hop of the 10 and watch him stagger over. My dad isn't exactly skinny. Or short. He is 300-320 and 6' 0". He has had more joint replacement surgery that actual joints. (3 surg on left shoulder, 2 surg on right shoulder, 2 surg on left knee, 3 surg on right knee).

He attempts to swing his leg over.... three times. I finally grab his foot and carefully move it across as to not scuff this beautiful machine.

He sits on it. He definitely needs the zx14. :thumbsup:

I jump on the cruiser and tell him once again, as I had a THOUSAND TIMES, "be careful dad, it is way more power than you think."

He says, "okay. You lead and I'll follow behind."

GOOD! I set the pace slow. I look back and he finally gets the bike on the road and is trying to find his balance. We rode for a mile or so and he is finally able to keep up with my 40 mph pace. (We took these roads earlier at much faster). Finally I wave him on by and he comes up beside me and then zooms off.

These next moments were the scariest of my day. My dad has a bad habit of braking INTO corners and he also doesn't understand the outside-inside-outside concept.

I watched as he took a couple of corners wide and then finally slowed it down enough to take a few without scaring me.

Three minutes later he pulls off and I pull behind him. I turn off the cruiser and jump up to help him off. He looks at me with water STREAMING down his face (he has a brain bucket, not a full-face) and his eyes going :eyecrazy:

"Son, you are a crazy son of a bitch." :lol::crackup:

He told me that he used to have a 73 rd350 (two stroke) and it would wheelie in any gear. That was the fastest bike he had ever ridden... before.

I helped him off the 10 and calmed my nerves by getting back on this beautiful pony and riding!

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my father wouldent even dare to get on my 10 he thinks i am out of my mind for even riding it. when i came home wit my hero cam that i set up on my gas tank he was watching a few clips and says..... your not out of your mind you have a death wish... lmao
cool story my dad wont get on the 10.. hes 51.. hes rode ever since i can remember.. hes always owned cruisers.. he had a v star classic 1200 and has and hd electro glide now... he rode my old steatched and lowered 636.. and said it wasnt bad but wasnt to confortable ..

we went riding the other day and his cop buddy on a mod'd hd reved up on me and took off so i twisted the throttle and of course it wheelie some as i flew past the cop freind..

so later i asked dad if he wanted to take it for a ride since he never rode it.. he looked and me and said hell noooo its to fast for me.. so i mentioned it to his cop freind and he was like hell yea.. jumped right on.. we jumped on the bypass he left me in the dust.. when we stopped grinning from ear to ear and said i might have to borrow this more often.. dad looks at us and says u 2 r nuts.. i love the 10
Gah. I showed my dad the post and he is now pissed off at me for overstating his weight (I didn't mean to) and saying he doesn't understand the outside-inside-outside concept. Any thoughts? *heavy sigh*

I guess he is a little bit to short for his weight...
tell him to check this here out, that's how it is done...:thumbsup:
but tell him NOT to look at the speedo of the bike with the camera, that's km/h anyways.:mrgreen:
Two stories... First my dad had bikes when he was my age, but really hasnt until the last year or so. I got my R6 about 5 years ago and he rode it once, came back with his eyes as big as dinner plates sayin it's to fast. Well I've been drag racing since I got it and this past season he finally started comin to watch me. My little brother picked up an R6 during this time too. He started riding again on an old Kaw kz440 and is lovin it. Now he keeps jokin that he's gonna come out and whoop me ET racing. I can't wait for next year I think he'll be out there with me.
Next is my brother in law who's a lot older than me (25 he's 40). He's had all kinds of fast stuff over the years. Built charger, ferrari and an early 90's turboed gsxr1100. He took the 10 out, ran down the road and came back with the same face as my dad :mrgreen: All he could say for the next half hour is holy shit that's fast. "Even my turbo bike didn't bring the power on like that, it came on later and somewhat smooth, that thing is wicked"

BTW great topic!:thumbsup:
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My old Dad story

Dad actualy retired as a Kawasaki dealor in 1972. He was a notional number flat track rider, road raced and lots of dirt. He was a much smaller peorson than me. 60 lbs lighter at the time I thought I would get him. I had just finished some mayor work on my KX500. 85 model or it could have been the 87. Said take it for a spin. Things went down hill when he said "YOU start it". We had 5 acers with a 1/4+ mile privet drive way. He launched accrost the field, hoped a few parie dog holes, jumped the road and riped it up for a couple of minuts. Long enough for my wife to take notice. Than the old man went all the way down the drive way. turned around - pulled up a wheely and road it ALL the way back to the house with a couple of gear changes. Wife"schooled you". He stopes and said "I could have won a few races in my day with that kind of power", got in his car and went home. He had not riden in at least 5 years at that time and he knew he schooled my ass:crackup:
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