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Dad rode the 10 yesterday....

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(FYI - I am 22 and working at Defensive Driving School so I am in no means an 18 year old little kid who got daddy and mommy to buy him a motorcycle so he can go kill himself)

I had been dreading that day for a long, long time. He is motorcycle savvy and has ridden many bikes in his day, but I KNEW that the 10 would be more than he was expecting.

I bought this bike a month ago with 3400 miles on it. Now it is over 5200. I love it! :smile: Since purchasing, my dad and I have been out on several rides and he takes his Yahama Raider S (1900cc) out with him. Very torquey (sp?) and overall a pretty cool cruiser.

Back to yesterday - he pulls of the road and I knew what he was going to say. "Let's switch bikes, son."

"I knew you were going to say that."

So I regrettably hop of the 10 and watch him stagger over. My dad isn't exactly skinny. Or short. He is 300-320 and 6' 0". He has had more joint replacement surgery that actual joints. (3 surg on left shoulder, 2 surg on right shoulder, 2 surg on left knee, 3 surg on right knee).

He attempts to swing his leg over.... three times. I finally grab his foot and carefully move it across as to not scuff this beautiful machine.

He sits on it. He definitely needs the zx14. :thumbsup:

I jump on the cruiser and tell him once again, as I had a THOUSAND TIMES, "be careful dad, it is way more power than you think."

He says, "okay. You lead and I'll follow behind."

GOOD! I set the pace slow. I look back and he finally gets the bike on the road and is trying to find his balance. We rode for a mile or so and he is finally able to keep up with my 40 mph pace. (We took these roads earlier at much faster). Finally I wave him on by and he comes up beside me and then zooms off.

These next moments were the scariest of my day. My dad has a bad habit of braking INTO corners and he also doesn't understand the outside-inside-outside concept.

I watched as he took a couple of corners wide and then finally slowed it down enough to take a few without scaring me.

Three minutes later he pulls off and I pull behind him. I turn off the cruiser and jump up to help him off. He looks at me with water STREAMING down his face (he has a brain bucket, not a full-face) and his eyes going :eyecrazy:

"Son, you are a crazy son of a bitch." :lol::crackup:

He told me that he used to have a 73 rd350 (two stroke) and it would wheelie in any gear. That was the fastest bike he had ever ridden... before.

I helped him off the 10 and calmed my nerves by getting back on this beautiful pony and riding!

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This is funny I can TOTALLY relate. My dad (48) wanted to try my bikes out and said something along those lines. He rides a V-Star 1100 and use to own an '89 zx6.
Your dad will do great...and 48 is not Old :heyyou: youngster :helmet:

but seriously I had a 89 zx6 for a summer and on the clock it hit 140mph...the main thing is give the Warning....do not open the throttle fast and he will be good to go. :thumbsup:
No I didn't mean he was old, he just isn't use to riding a rocket. I think it surprised him. He said it wasn't his "style" anymore. :dontknow:
Thats hilarious. I'm in a similar boat, and have been in a constant "keep up with the Jones's" kind of battle with my dad over the last few years. Here is how it went with my first bike

Me - 03 GSX-R 750 | Him - 03 Harley V-Rod
He sold the V-rod after I proved it was slower, and bought a Triumph Rocket 3, I sold the GSX-R, bought a 08 ZX-10R. Bikes mods are pc3, full TRC system, bmc filter and no secondary flies. Once he gets back from the bike rally in the keys I'll let him try out the 10. I don't think there is a faster cruiser for him to move to next either. :D
That's pretty funny. I know the V-Max is fast but is it faster then the ten? Or maybe he'll just go out and buy an 1198. lol
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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