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Customised fender eliminator

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Hi y'all from down here in Adelaide Australia.
Recently picked up a 2006 zx10r and couldn't be happier.
It's my first kwaka sports bike and I love it, such a weapon!
It's had a bit done but naturally there's always room for more modifications!
Picked up this fender eliminator off eBay with the zx10r cutout.
The cutout was a bit hard to see as it washes out against the black rear guard, plus I had the rear reflector issue to overcome.
Quick trip to the local auto parts store for some cheap reflectors and superglue, bit of trimming with the jigsaw and happy days!
Will post some more photos once fitted up.
Cheers Simon


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Floor Flooring
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Bumper Auto part

Room Tripod Floor Plaster

From about 20 feet away grandads old rocking horse took on a sinister new look.
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If it was me, I'd have gotten some green LED lights and created a backlit logo with some frosted plexiglass and the LEDs. But that's because I like green.

Otherwise, that works too to satisfy the regs with a rear reflector! :ayyy: :cool:
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