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And I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Power delivery is definitely smoother I'm guessing because of the near polarized difference in fuel being added (more on that later), which I'm sure will help my 72 Miles-per-TANK fuel mileage, but at the same time I guess I had my expectations too high.

I used the same dyno shop I used as before (using the same settings) so the changes would be consistent regardless of actual figures. The only real changes I've made to the bike (before both dyno sessions mind you) are the Power Commander, A&R Race Baffles, and BMC Race Air Filter (Freshly cleaned and oiled for both sessions).

Here is my original Dyno Graph. This was run using the Two Bros VALE Slip-On Map I loaded a few months ago which is available on PC's website . I picked it arbitrarily since I had nothing else to go by:
http://www.thelunchjournals.com/custom/Pics/Bike/ZX10R/Custom Dyno/OldDyno.JPG Large'ish Picture - Ignore A/F in this graph, it wasn't measured.

Here is the Custom Map Dyno Graph:
http://www.thelunchjournals.com/custom/Pics/Bike/ZX10R/Custom Dyno/New Dyno.JPG

Keeping in mind the smoothing is different on each graph, I was still shocked to see such little difference.

I came home and loaded the custom Map and did a map compare and it's really interesting to see how much they change in comparison to an already existing Map. You can view the Average Change Table here and the Difference Change Table here.

If you don't have access to Excel, you can view the Web Version of the tables HERE and HERE - but you need IE to view it, of course.

The shop is reputable - and actually good friends of mine - and they seem to know what they're doing. I was just curious to if this has happened to any of your guys?

I haven't gotten a chance to flog it yet as the rain has just stopped, but I'm sure I will before the day is over. I'm not completely unhappy by any means and I realize there is only so much that can be done, I was just mildly surprised I suppose.

Just thought I'd get your feedback! Thanks!

Edit: On 2nd thought - scratch all that whining. Keep forgetting that besides the baffles, I'm running stock exhaust including the cat. I'm sure that's not helping my cause any! :mrgreen:
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