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Hey guys,
Continuing on from the previous thread: Gear indicator part 2

The PCBs from batchpcb.com finally arrived, turns out they forgot about my order or something. Whatever, they are still 10x cheaper than their competitors:

Then I soldered on all the parts:

To make it look attractive, I went to a salvage yard and popped a bunch of those blank buttons out of cars (like where a traction control button would be if the car had that option). I cut a 7-segment display sized hole out of one with a dremel and flat file:

Super glue rocks:

This is what the finished product looks like mounted to the bike with some velcro:

The display was too bright at night, and hard to see when the sun hits it. To solve this, I went to an auto tint shop and they gave me some scrap limo tint, which makes an excellent cover for the display. It looks perfect!
I tapped the left running light's wires for power, and ran a wire from the transmission's gear signal to the front, for a total of 3 wires running up to the console. I put a 3-pin connector in this collection in case I ever need to take the front fairings off or something.

I have parts left to make 4 more of these. The boards are what take the longest to arrive, and I have another 6 of these (10 total left), that I would need to order parts for.

If there is enough interest, I'll put together the other 4 and sell them to you. $50 shipped I think should be reasonable. I don't have any more plastic bezels though, so you would be getting just the completed board + wiring harness & connectors & instructions
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