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CRG RC2, COX, Driven Racing and Hotbodies

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Up for sale is:

CRG RC2 Shorty Levers: $150
Hotbodies Rear Hugger $80
COX Rad Guard: SOLD
Driven Racing D-Axis Cap and Base (Black) SOLD

Hugger has some wear but will mount securely. Hugger mounts under the OEM one securing it to the bike. Picture of the bike is from Saturday. Reason for selling the parts is because I sold the bike.


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Additional Pics


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Cox Radiator Guard and Driven Fuel Cap & Base SOLD

Still available

CRG RC2 Shorty Levers 150/BO Shipped
Hotbodies Rear Hugger 80/BO Shipped

$50 shipped for the hugger.
Like i stated above the wear is from me installing the hugger by itself (incorrectly) and taking it for a ride. Once installed correctly with the OEM hugger it is secure to the bike the fitment is correct and will not rub. Was on bike for well over a year with no problems after that.

CRG RC2 150/BO Shipped

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