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Cracked frame

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So I just recently discovered that my frame has some serious cracks where the upper engine mounts are that weren't there this spring when I serviced it. So naturally I called my local dealer and they couldn't give me any info or guidance other than to call Kawasaki. So I call the consumer service number and send them these pics and they tell me to go to dealer and have them call the tech hotline. So I ride down there and they take pics and send them to Kawasaki only to have Kawasaki say your bike is 11 years out of warranty and there is nothing they will do except for sell me a frame. I'm beyond livid with the fact that they just swept it under the carpet.... I don't track it... I don't wheelie it... it's stretched and lowered.... haven't bottomed out or anything... how does these cracks form along the welds in under 4k miles???


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Theres a ton of info on it here if you want to read...


I know its a long thread but its a worthwhile read if your dealing with the cracked frame issue.
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Man that sucks. Do you drag race your bike?
Very common problem with 1st gen frames. They are paper thin and not the best quality welds. Most people just get them welded up and keep rolling.
it's stretched and lowered....
You can stop the pity party right there.

Even if your bike was under warranty, that's enough to deny the claim right there. You completely changed how the bike rides and handles. Most manufacturers are pretty lenient with mods (compared to the car world anyways) but once you start drastically changing what the bike was meant for, you're on your own.

It's on you to research buying a used vehicle without a warranty. I wouldn't buy an 1st gen Porsche Cayman and cross my fingers that the IMS bearing doesn't fail.
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... it's stretched and lowered.... haven't bottomed out or anything... how does these cracks form along the welds in under 4k miles???
Yeah, that's likely a contributing factor. Makes no difference if you bottomed out or not, you changed the weight distribution and put more weight on the steering head from stretching it. And lowering it tightened up the suspension which causes more stress on the frame in that area.

I feel bad for you. It's a shitty situation to be in. It's fairly common though with the G1s. But you can't really expect Kawi to do much after 11 years, can you? It's way out of warranty and they have no way of verifying that it wasn't abused (the stretching and lowering would automatically void your warranty anyways).

A new frame is $1,261. So it's best to find a competent welder in your area (preferably one that is familiar with bike frames) and get it repaired.
Ouch, haven't seen many that the crack actually went up the side of the frame, most stay in the factory welded part. Like others said Kawi won't do jack about it, trust me we tried.
If you had a 15 or 16 zx10r I could see kawi maybe doing something. Probably not after you stretched it tho. It is comical to me that you would call Kawi and expect them to do anything with your 11 year old bike haha.
4k miles, I think I put that on in the 1st month I owned mine lol
Frame for sale

Hi all! If you are interested, I have a blank frame for sale. Buyed to Attack Racing in 2006 on ebay. No Vin numbers.
I used it only to 9 track days.
Can sell it by 300$ but it's in Spain and the shipping cost can be another 300 bucks.
If you can stamp your vin number on it, will save ~600$


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