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There’s no need to cramp your style just because you want to be a little safer when you’re out on the road with The Standard riding jeans from Cortech. The jeans, like the Primary Riding jeans give you every reason to ride with extra protection without compromising style, and especially, comfort.

The jeans are manufactured with a traditional relaxed fit, straight-leg cut in that of the ordinary 14oz denim jeans that have been around for, well, a century or so. That’s flexible cotton, which hides an extra layer of Kevlar that’s fixed on the inside from waist to shin in all the high-impact areas: butt, thighs and knees. Holding it all in one piece is a contrast polyester thread that keeps everything together in case the whole plot falls apart.

As an option, you can even upgrade with a set of SAS-TECH knee and hip armor. These pieces easily fit inside ready-made pockets on the inner lining of the jeans. Plus, you’ve got a six in vertical range on which to adjust those knee guards for an unobtrusive fit. None of this armor, of course, will inhibit your comfort

Comfort for the road, with added protection; it’s all in a classic Western-style six-pocket set The Standard riding jeans from Cortech.

These jeans are not yet available on our website. For expert sizing guidance, fast shipping and superior service, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send an email to [email protected] with CORTECH STANDARD RIDING JEANS in the subject line or PM us here and we’ll get you sorted out in no time.


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