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I am getting a major full tune up. And have been using Maxima Coolanol for about a decade, but the dealership I am taking it to is strongly recommending to go with Kawasaki's OEM coolant that they make their own and because of all the R&D it's better all around. I'm in Southern CA where we have almost year round heat waves 90's - 100's for almost 5-6 months.

Wanted to get some opinions?
As I know which ever I choose, I will have to stick to that for topping off as they can't be mixed.

I'm a fan of more frequent flushes and merely running pure, distilled water with several ounces of Red Line Water Wetter. The water wetter provides lubrication and fights cavitation and bubbling in the system. Plus, the pure water sheds heat better, as long as your system is leak proof.

All the coolant does is prevent freeze damage by lowering the freezing point, and raise the boiling point to keep it from overheating when running at slower than optimal speed when pushing air past the radiator.
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