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I've been thinking about converting to HID setup, and after reading the forums, I still have a few questions.

I thought I'd be spending $150+ on the setup, but it seems much cheaper than that, which makes me wonder if I'm looking at the whole picture.

DDM Tuning: HID and LED Lighting

These seem too cheap. Am I looking at the wrong ones? I figured I'd go with this one:

DDM Tuning: HID and LED Lighting

55W seems the way to go. But then I heard talk about drawing too much power, so I may need to add a relay or something. Yes or No?

From another thread I gathered that the bulb types are H11 (Low-Beam) and H9 (High-Beam), and the bulb types are based off personal preference. The 6k seems to be real popular among the forum. Figure I'll go with that.

But I didn't see the option to pick two different types of bulbs. There's only one bulb type option.

2 Mixed Bulb Slim ballast HID kit (AC)

This site product has two bulb options, at twice the price. But it's still cheaper than I expected it all to be.

Can someone clarify these things for me?


1. Which specific HID kit is the best to get? *Plug and Play **Link please

2. Do I need to be concerned with getting anything else to go with it? (ie. Relay due to higher power draw?)
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