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Not sure what the bike's worth, prices are all over the place. What would a fair price be for this bike?

08 zx10
33k miles
two brothers slip on
ivans servo eliminator
bazzaz zfi
stainless lines
saddlemen seat
woodcraft rearsets
recent q3 tires/brake fluid/oil change/brake pads/spark plugs/sprockets (1k miles ago)
k&n air filter
frame sliders
90 degree valve stems
hotbodies undertail

issues: low fuel light doesn't work, trunk lock is stuck and using a cable, couple rock chips in the paint.

Never crashed (by me or what PO told me)


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Sorry to hear you're considering selling it. But here's my response to your question, if it matters.

The extra stuff on it is basically not going to add value. It may make it sell faster, but it won't raise the price much at all. Completely stock would be worth the most. People usually associate the price with the year of the bike, the mileage of it, and what's broken/doesn't work.

With that said, you're looking around the $5500-$6,000 mark, maybe a bit less.
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