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Confused with PCV install

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Hi guys I bought a used PCV online which came with everything needed but the instructions. When I searched for them online I noticed the pcv had a posi tap wire while mine did not. Is this a newer version or is something wrong here?

(not my pic but exactly the same)
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The device Part Number is 17-028 ?
Yup thats it.

have to ask, why you changing it out.
I'm adding it in, doesnt have a PCV atm. I can't justify paying for a woolich kit and tune which is well over $1k here while I still need suspension work done.
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Found these on YouTube. Maybe they help you? The PowerCommander install isnt too bad, but can be a pain sometimes. Youre basically just trying to send the stock signals to the powercommander so it ccan modify them and send it back to the bike, if that makes any sense. Kinda helped me when I did mine on my Gen 1 the first time to understand what I was doing.

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