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Comparing Gen5 vs Gen4 gearing

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By using gearingcommander.com I've been comparing Gen5 vs Gen4 to determine what changes I want to make. 1st gear didn't change at all and 6th gear baring changed but 2-5 did change.

Gen5 Gen4
2nd = 2nd with +3
3rd = 3rd with -1 +2
4th = 4th with -1 +1
5th = 5th with +3
6th = 6th with +1

With my Gen4 I ran +2 and loved it. With my Gen5 I like the stock gearing so far but I'll try +1 when I change the tires in the spring just because I have a +1 hanging on the wall. I think -1 +2 would be crazy on a Gen5 especially on the street.
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gen5 is almost perfect gearing...
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Guessing this is for the street? I couldn't say.

I've been using 17/43 for Homestead Speedway and 17/42 for PBIR and Roebling. That's the only 2 places I've ridden her so far.
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