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Code 35 ZX10r 2008

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Hi Guys,

Since 2 days ago my 10 started giving a flashing key icon and the red dot starts flashing fast after i turn the ignition on.
The indicator moves, but i can not hear the fuel pump.
I entered the FI section and got error code 35.

So this has to do with the immobilizer.

What i have tried myself:
Try to start her up normally gives the above error.
Also i tried to start her with the spare and mother key, but that doesnt help either.

But whenever i hold the 2nd or mother key next to the ignition switch on the right hand side, and then use the other key and turn on the ignition, all seems to be working fine. The fuel pump works and the bikes start normally.

Has anyone else seen this problem before? And what part do you guys think need replacement?

Sorry in advance for my english, i am not a native english writer or speaker :)
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Error code 35 is Immobilizer amplifier malfunction. I would check the service manual for repair options. Here...
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