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So I thought I had a code 41, but turns out its a code 32. lol, I was reading it wrong. I wrecked my bike and had to replace the frame, due to it being cracked around the neck. I got my bike back from the shop, And hooked the gauge cluster up..fi light was on. I have a code 32. Says sub throttle position sensor. wire open or short. I dont even know where the subthrottle position sensor is, if someone would be nice enough to point me in that direction that would be great.

I havent really rode it yet..
but when I start it it kinda Idles funny, and when I go to give it gas it spits a little bit. Like breaks up but then clears up..

Someone please help me so I dont have to take this back to the shop and get RAPPED again! :headshake

And does the subthrottle position sensor have anything to do with the servo?
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