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After 11,000 Hard miles, my 2004 Kawasaki ZX10R clutches finally gave out !! I was in debate if should go with OEM or aftermarket.

I decided to go with Barnette Fibers and Steel Plates. The Barnette springs are Waaayyyy to stiff so i reused the factory springs. The only thing new to me was changing clutches on a bike with a slipper clutch installed.

To start, you can buy a standard Barnette ZX10R kit that includes 9 fibers and 8 steel plates. This is if you are either not going to use the anit chatter plate and fiber, orreuse the anti chatter plate and fiber. If you do decide to reuse the antichatter plate and fiber, you should buy (sold seperate) the additional fiber.

Normally i start off by tossing the new fibers in some fresh oil right when im ready to start to take the bike apart.

Why? to tell the truth im not sure. I guess it gets everything nice and soaked so there will not be any dry spots.

After remove the lower body cover and drain your oil. (its a good idea to change your oil and filter just in case any small fibers from the old clutch is floating around.

After removing the outside cover, remove the 6 bolts holding the springs in.(or how ever many bolts your bike have)

Once removed you are looking at your Fiber and Plates. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you remember the order that the fibers and plates come out. Set yourself up a place next to your work area and place them ontop of each other...fiber..plate..fiber...plate etc.

Im not sure how many bikes come with a antichatter plate. The anti chatter plate is basically two steel plates with a leaf spring type of set up. This keeps everything nice and snug. The new fiber only cost about $10 so to keep it quietI would buy it and use the antichater plate.

After getting all the oldfibers and steels out. assemble the new set next to the old so you can make sure its all in the same order.

Since I was reusing the Antichatter plate. I took a piece of 1200 grit sand paper to slightly clean off the smooth glaze on the surface. I did this on both sides.

This is the Difference between the 9 fibers you get in the kit and the seperate fiber you buy seperatly for the antichatter plate. It is a little bit skinnier.

This is the difference between the antichatter plates old fiber (front) and the new Barnette in the rear.

Now that you put all your new fibers and plates together, slide them in the clutch basket the same order it came out

I took the clutch hub and gave it a light sanding also. i used the same 1200 grit paper.

Place the Hub back on and Torque your bike springs to factory specs.

You might need a new gasket, or a little bead of gasket form. I was lucky...I just bolted it back up and it was fine. Dont forget to add new oil and a filter.

I took it out and it had the Ducati dry clutch sound at first..It ended once i took her around the block. I cant say I felt a lot of new found power, but i swear she felt quicker...a more possitive feel.

There is nothing like look at the work you did on your bike. My friends clutch burnt out one week b4 mines. It cost him $900+ at a dealer.....thats way to much.

A fair price for a clutch job is less than 3 Hour Labor (most shops charge $65per hour) plus the cost of fresh oil and filter and parts.

My job cost me:

$170parts + $5.99 filter + $20.99 oil.

So for less than $200 i was back on the road, and I have the confidence that it was done right. I support the local bike shops, but not when it comes to price gougging.
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