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Clutch clatter

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I have an 05 zx10r with some clatter coming from the clutch area.
When placing a close ear to the clutch release the clatter becomes most clear.
Any ideas before i tear into it.
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Pull the clutch apart inspect the plates, clutch rod and report back
So I finally got to pulling this clutch apart last eve and so far: my oil is unusually tinged brown and smells of gas, and so far the steel plates all have coloration on them. Im going to just replace the cluctch. Everything seems to be good so far though. Any thoughts on that oil in the meantime?
Let me rephrase, all the other components seem to be fine so far, so i hope replacing the clutch kit will help. The thinned down 20/50 with less than 500 miles on it smellin like gas, is worrying me a bit though
O.k so further inspection revealed the clutch housing springs are the cause of the rattle. 2 of the springs are just laying in there and when you shake the housing around its rattlin like hell.
Looks like you found the problem. Nice!

Question, why 20/50? 10/40 is spec and even 5/40 would be better then a 20.
According to the manual 20/50 is more relavent to my climate
Figured I would update for future clarification while waiting on parts.

The stock 05 ZX10r clutch housing springs are naturally, some engauged, and some disenguaged. This is per manufacture spec.
My housing springs, one in particular had some damage to it and a couple of spring felt a little loose to me on the up and down in the respective pockets. This lead me to believe that these spring pockets were wore and along with that spring damage, i needed new basket.

After much reaearch, a trip to my trusty mchanic, and before spending an extra 300$, I was told that the housing was in fact still good to use and spite the spring damage, it wasnt enough to make a difference. And for the spring pocket wear, not significant enough to worry about right now.

So, im now waiting on new clutch kit and clutch cable. Everything else in housing checked out so guess im backed to one!
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