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Using an off the shelf (or ebay special) OBDII scanner, you can clear ECU codes pretty easily. I'm using an ELM 327 bluetooth scanner that I bought a number of years ago for less than $10 and the torque app on my Android phone.... Really, it shouldn't matter what scanner you use, they should all send the same "clear codes" message.

To attach the scanner, you could buy the adapter harness from Graves for around $40, but since I'm cheap, I just went ahead and pulled the terminals from the diagnostic connector and attached them directly to the scanner.... Exactly like this:

If you poke around online, you can find the OBDII pinout, but really the 4 wires you're looking to connect are:
Pin 4 - Ground - Black/Yellow
Pin 6 - CAN Hi - Grey/Blue
Pin 14 - CAN Lo - Light Blue
Pin 16 - Power - Brown/White

Using a small pick, you can remove the wires from the diagnostic connector (It's probably a good idea to have the bike turned off at this point....). Then, once the 4 wires are out, you can simply slide them on the terminals of whatever scanner you choose. Keep in mind, if you pull up a diagram online of the connector, it'll show you the vehicle side of the connector, not the scanner side. You'll have to flip all of the pin numbers from left to right to make this work. Hopefully the photo above will help.

Once the wires are connected, check that none of the pins are touching each other and turn on the key. No need to start the engine. On the scanner, choose to clear the codes, and there you go!

Here a link to a newer OBDII scanner on ebay.... $7.79 (includes shipping)
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