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Hi guys, just wondering if I could pick anyone's brains for some expertise please.
Have a bit of a charging issue.

I have a 2007 zx10.
It first started with the whistle noise, which I found out was coming from the stator. Battery began to die etc.
Removed the cover to find the stator had burnt. So I managed to get another and got it fitted.

Tested the battery before starting, read 12.3v, so I stuck it on reconditioning overnight. Following day, battery read 12.9v, so all good.

I started it up and the whistle has gone, stator issue sorted, output from it is correct and the battery read 14.3-5 whilst running so All seemed fine.

I left it a few hours, came back and decided to give it another check.
Good job I did as it has now gone back to 12.3-5v whilst running and revs.

Checked the stator again and the output is fine.

Anyone possibly have any ideas please?

Thinking maybe battery is finished or earthing problem from the stator?
I'm okay with bikes a little but I'm still learning lol

Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!
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